Week 1, Day 1 5k training.

March 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today was a big fat fail.  I had all the intention in the world of getting up & at ’em this morning, taking advantage of this weird warm March weather and putting on the sneaks.

That was until my weekend celebrating caught up with me around.  Ugh.

So, if you’ve read any of my food blog recently you know that I’ve been experimenting with a gluten-free diet.  I haven’t cut out gluten completely- until I have a doctor certified confirmation that I have an allergy I don’t want to  go to the extreme and end up in a situation where I can’t eat something, or if something happens to have gluten in a sneaky spot (a lot of sauces, soy sauce) I don’t want to get sick.  As long as it’s been in limited quantity lately- a piece of bread at the dinner table, the occasional but very rare breakfast muffin- I’ve been ok, and feeling actually a lot better.  Weeeeeeeellllll.

Then there was this weekend.  St. Patty’s Day.  At the very last minute I found out a dear friend from my time in D.C. was up for the weekend with a bunch of her friends for the festivities.  I spent most of Saturday out & about, celebrating and drinking green beer.  Blurg.  I didn’t want to drink beer all day- but, I kept forgetting to tell people to grab a cider for me instead of beer, and a day  of gin & tonic was going to be awfully painful on the wallet and the hangover.  All in all, it wasn’t that much, 4 beers, 5 tops.  But good lordy, the beer combined with the burger (bun and all) I had for dinner, I am a hurt bunny.  Not violently ill or anything, but just in a lot of pain. I feel like I’ve had a rock stuck in my stomach for about 24hrs.  I was hoping to awake refreshed, but not so much.

Tea, water, & ginger ale have helped to soothe the tum-tum, and tomorrow morning.  YES.  Tomorrow morning will be the day we begin.



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