Oh heeeeeeey.

It’s me. AT.  What’s shakin’?

A bit about me: I like to read… fiction, non-fiction, The Economist, Vanity Fair, the occasional Us Weekly… there are many days I think my mailman must be confused.  I like to think of it as being well-rounded.  I love shoes and dresses, fancy blouses, bright fresh flowers, big fluffy pillows, yellow cake with chocolate frosting and hugs.  Totally underrated.  Not enough people give proper hugs.  Or handshakes for that matter.

I also love my apartment in Beacon Hill, that I share with my fantastic roommate C, and our (my) fat cat Hunter, man of the house and in-house pest control.  I really really really like to go out to eat, drink wine, (Gin & Bourbon are also faves of mine) and cook at home.  After a long & stressful day at my cubicle I’ll come home and tear my kitchen apart.  C knows when she comes home after me and there is a lasagna cooling on the counter and cupcakes in the oven, it was a real special day.

In addition to my 9-5 (10-6 actually, it’s the one really great thing about my job), I work part-time at Williams Sonoma.  I heart kitchens and kitchen goods like nobody’s business.  I used to walk to the store in Copley, or over to KitchenWares on Newbury St and just browse, making a mental list of everything I would put in my dream kitchen and what color Le Creuset I hope to someday register for.

I’ve had a food blog for awhile… you can check that out here. But after much thought and reflection I decided to regroup and refocus my blog persona.  I do still like to cook & experiment but there is so much more going on in my life beyond my kitchen that I though it might be a good way to branch out.  And that way I wouldn’t feel bad not posting a new recipe for a week, when I’ve only had time to microwave something for dinner 4 nights a week. (Though, that is actually rare, and it’s usually just reheating something I’ve actually cooked, so, well, maybe this won’t be that interesting.)

Either way- there have been many a moment in the past year or so where I have to stop and think, “Ohhhhkay.  Am I on Punk’d?  Where is Ashton Kutcher?  Please tell me someone is taping this and getting some sort of jolly out it, because it’s just too ridiculous.” It’s usually funny, somewhat embarrassing, and I am always alone, no one to turn to and say, “Really? It’s not my day.”  Or whatever it is.  Then there are the awesome things in life- good times with my friends, enjoying life here in Beantown, and finding just the right shoe, of course when it’s on sale.

I like to be active and am getting back on track with a couch to 5k plan.  Hoping to feel better, more like me, and fit as humanly possible for the two weddings I’m in this summer.

I’m also hoping that making all this public will make it harder for me to cheat on my road to self-improvement.  So.  Here we go.

xoxo, AT


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