Week 1 Assessment….

March 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Meh.  Hasn’t been the best week to be honest.  I rocked it the first two days and then Spring literally sprung, actually, Summer frog-leaped right over Spring and it’s all of the sudden 70 in March.  Early warmth =early allergies.  They came on strong yesterday and by 6pm the allergies won.  I went to bed at 9:45, hoping to awake refreshed and ready to go- but it just wasn’t gonna happen this morning.  I’m going to take today off from a run and hope I’ll feel better tomorrow.  Even if I don’t I’ll go out for a long walk Saturday and Sunday to at least be active in some way.  

I also had an amazing thought the other day… a better name for this blog: Dine & Dash.  Right?? Because I like to cook, and I’m trying to run.  Oh well.  We’ll stick with Francesca for now.  

Happy Friday my friends!!!!!!! I’m super excited to get through today at the office because at 7PM I’m heading to the movies… YES. The Hunger Games.  It’s happening.  Don’t judge, I can’t wait.  


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